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How To Reduce Your Cyber Risk Quickly And Effectively

Author: Daniel Skeggs
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Daniel Skeggs, one of Global Security business, Security Knights, leading consultants spoke to us this week about cyber risk. Daniel, formerly law enforcement, with a wealth of experience across public and private sectors leading and supporting change to tackle cyber risk had some helpful tips for organisations.

"We are seeing organisations, both public and private sector, worldwide, with a few stand out areas we can support them change in and reduce their risk exposure. Six, in particular, we often work on with clients are based on a series of discussions we have:

Where we engage with clients across these spaces, we find together, we can make a real difference, reducing their spend, their risk and enhancing their performance."

Some of this, echoed at this week's Microsoft Ignite conference. The global tech giant announced last week, an upgrade to Azure Active Directory, Microsoft’s cloud authentication platform. Removing many decades of reliance on 'something you know' and removing those passwords and passphrase, opting instead to upgrade to biometrics to secure data and accounts.

If you know the 'something' then, you know what, so does someone else. That’s human nature. Passwords, of course, a huge risk for organisations with many users having 120 or more separate and unique logins. No wonder there are so many breaches.

The good news is that Microsoft plans to have users authenticate using facial recognition software like Windows Hello for Business, fingerprint scanners, the Microsoft Authenticator app, or a USB key such as FIDO 2 (fast identity online).

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Daniel Skeggs

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Daniel moved from law enforcement to the private sector in 2009 where he has led Information security operations, architecture design & programs across investment banking, equity management, insurance, health care, media, retail and agro chemical. Daniel specialises in incident & crisis management, governance & risk management & data protection.

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