Webinar #3: Designing Your Security Awareness Programme

Author: Alison Coleman
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Do you know how safe your company is? We have seen a huge spike in security breaches in the previous year, and this trend will continue to rise in 2021.

Your employees are your first line of defence against cyber attacks. No matter how great your security awareness program is, it will not matter if your employees do not understand its importance.

As a leader, you need to lead by example, spread awareness and engage your employees so they know exactly what to do in order to minimise the chance of security breaches. Besides that, employees that are well-educated and informed know how to react in case of a cyber attack.

However, keeping everyone in the loop all the time is a big challenge for most companies today, which leaves them exposed and vulnerable.

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Join Our Webinar: How Can A Security Awareness Program Help You Bring New Business And Build Trust?

Today, consumers are more and more aware of cyber threats and they want to feel safe and protected. This is equally important for B2B and B2C since recent surveys reveal that 70% of businesses aren’t making enough effort to tackle cyber threats, which can reflect negatively on businesses and raise a red flag for customers.

To help you better understand the significance of a good security awareness program, we are continuing our free webinar series with our two security experts Alison and Lee.

On Thursday the 1st of April from 10 pm GMT, we will talk about the importance of a security awareness program and how it can help you bring new business and build trust & confidence in your staff and brand. If you want to learn more you can register for the webinar here.

Having a good security awareness program can have many benefits for companies. It helps them prevent breaches and attacks, infuses security into the culture, supports tech investments and more - which we will explore during our webinar.

Even though many companies have security awareness programs, they are often not updated regularly, and they are doing very little to inform their employees about it.

Join our security knights on this session and find out what key things you should consider when creating a security awareness program and how it can help drive business success and growth.

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Alison Coleman

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Alison is a highly experienced trainer, facilitator and business advisor, she guides business leaders in developing strategy and enhancing leadership and communications. Her clients include local and national government. Alison has extensive experience in the media, broadband and telecommunications sectors in Ireland and the UK, addressing significant financial and fraud risk.

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