Assessing your security position

We engage with clients through interviews and workshops to establish your current position from privacy, risk and cyber security perspective. Our consultants will present their findings and proposals for improvement to enhance your position reducing your exposure to cyber threats.

Assessment Of Your Security Position
Bringing Risk Management And Strategy

Bringing risk management and strategy to your business

Our consultants will engage with client stakeholders to develop or enhance the assessment of risk and our client’s business risk register to accurately identify and quantify the key risks your business faces. We will develop business strategy, reporting to the board with status updates and recommendations to drive the business forward.

Delivering an awareness program

Over 90% of risk can be reduced through effective awareness programs. We will deliver regular and up to date privacy, risk and security briefings and awareness training to ensure your staff are empowered and engaged.

Delivering An Awareness Program
Designing Incident Response And Communications

Designing incident response and communications

98% of business do not test their incident response plans and in a time of crisis simply don’t use them. In the absence of tried and tested response plans recovery from incidents is costly and slow. Our consultants will design, deliver and test regularly our clients incident response and communications plans, their business continuity and their disaster recovery, to ensure our clients manage incidents rather than being managed by incidents.

Creating the right policies to support your strategy

How many policies does your business have? Do your staff know them and comply with all of them, all of the time? In most cases, of course they don’t. Our consultants will design, deliver and regularly review the policies you need to run your business, managing privacy, risk and security. We will train your staff to ensure they understand the ones that matter and ensure your legal, regulatory and contractual requirements are supported through simple and effective policy.

Creating The Right Policies

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